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Truncated Icosahedron 


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Truncated Icosahedron 

Written By: Rob Marshall 


Drill (1) 
Pencil (1) 


Matching plates, plywood (1) 

3" hinges (120) 

Cotter pins to repace the hinge pins 

T-nut anchors and machine screws 


The most familiar form of the truncated icosahedron in America would likely be the soccer 
ball, but its history and its influence go far beyond that. 

I had always wanted to build a symmetric form and I finally had the time and money to invest 
in the project. The crux was the angles and keeping the connections somewhat elegant. 

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Truncated Icosahedron 

Step 1 — Truncated Icosahedron 

• I installed a bearing under the structure so that it can spin. 

Step 2 

• Kids really enjoy climbing and spinning in the ball. It changes one's perception. 

The answer came to me as a gestalt: hinges would make the angles for me and be a strong and 
excellent connector for the plates. After that epiphany, keeping the plates identical; 20 hexagons, 
12 pentagons. Beyond the preparation of the plates it was endless screwing and insertion of T- 
nut anchors. I have taken it to several Maker Faires and plan to present at World Maker Faire in 
New York this September. 

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